Saturday, 4 March 2017

Eagles !!!

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Japanese uses a kanji that means vulture in Chinese to mean eagle and uses this kanji for HAWK!

During the recent "upgrade" of a certain online lexicon someone snafu'd the Hakka entries so I have no idea what the tone is for the Hakka entry!

The chinese word ying and its hanzi appears in a variety of compound words to describe various avian raptor species including falcons and hawks as well as eagles.

You may also see the Cantonese jing spelt as ying in some romanisations.

There are also other words for eagle but this appears to be the main term.

Look up diao and shuang.

The next post in this birds series will be a painting!

Some time in the near future due to a discussion with a Twitter acquaintance I may post on Sinitic influence on Vietnam and why Viets and other Asians get sick of being mistaken for Chinese and vice versa.