Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Did Lin Liang use Live Models?

Did #ming dynasty #painter #linliang use live models for his paintings of Eagles Hawks and other birds?

This image is a closeup of one portion of his Two Hawks scroll.

The MING court could have had falconers and mews and while jesses and leashes are only shown when the pictures are of falconers out on a hunt I am wondering given the amount of detail in Lin Liang's works if there was some kind of netted enclosure in part of the Imperial Palace.

Hawks in bamboo thickets?
Its just possible Lin Liang may have actually gone up into the mountains to view wild birds but having viewed a few of his paintings I noticed several birds have an expression of intense focus that suggests a falconer holding treats while a painter franticly brushes sketches.

I also bring to your attention when he's painting hawks and eagles they often seem to be fluffing or ruffling their feathers out. But thats the brush work you say!

Okay these are raptors not cockatoos but Australian cockatoos are as large as some hawk species and the pattern of feathers and brsuhstrokes suggest feather fluffing to me.

A slightly bored or relaxed or irritated bird watching the silly human with the piece of paper and the brush?

There are no mentions of such structures but Ming technology and Imperial court resources certainly could have allowed for creating large temporary enclosures in the gardens so that birds could be painted without jesses or hoods and as I typed earlier