Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Terror and Doves

#waka #saigyo #dove

This is SKKS XVII:167 the# ShinKokinshuu

The #Japanese text I saw had kana for every single word but koe.

Here's the #Romaji

Furu hata no / soba no tatsuki ni / iru hato no / tomo yobu koe no /  sugoki  yuugure 

At the side of an old field a dove has landed and lingers in a tree that stands alone calling loudly for his companions at the edge of a terrible night.

old field connective side connective standing tree comes exists remains dove connective companion friend yobu calling summoning loudly connective sugoki seems to be sugoi or sugomu in bungo form wierd terrible spooky odd

Is it edge of a terrible night or the spooky  beginning of night and why is the dove alone?
These are flock birds? A string of linked simple images yet also a mystery!

The use of kana for several words with double meanings adds to the mystery!

Oh that last line sugoki yuugure !

Think about how it would sound recited out aloud not merely read?