Sunday, 27 May 2012

Frost from SVG to finished JPG a Technozi

I've mentioned my Technozi art work a few times and here's some examples of the progress

First I look up the Unihan number and then use that in Inkscape to create a black character I can edit.

You use Control U and enter the unihan to generate the character.

Shuang Frost

Now you can change the color or size or add filters in Inkscape or export it as png into Gimp and use other filters. I've elongated this to suggest seal script styles and applied a filter that I think will enhance the final edit in Gimp.

Finally I use Gimp plug ins and filters to create this effect 

I'm very partial to using the Textured filter but there are many others you can experiment with.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Will's Quills is closing!

Famous Sydney Shop Will's Quills is Closing!

Even if you don't live in Sydney tell anyone you know who does cos


European and Asian calligraphy brushes pen paper books!

Paint Ink Paper for crafts. Blank bound Books and albums and fans!

Marker Pens! and More!

The sale continues until May 26 2012

If you're reading this post after the closing date please feel free to add comments about happy memories of finding marvellous things at Will's quills or suggest alternate shopping venues to replace their unique range!

Will's Quills is in Chatswood  166 Victoria Avenue. It's about three blocks beyond  the main shopping area and you can catch a bus there and back if you don't have a car the 273 or 257 !

This store will be missed but sadly the owner is retiring and no one's interested or able to take over the shop!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


This is the character for Loyalty. I'm surprised that there seems to be anything similar to MUNJADO  in the art of any of the East Asian cultures apart from Korea? I know "Proper" artistic calligraphy is ideally black and white and on paper but I like Munjado too! The only thing I can think of that's sorta similar is rainbow letters!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hot Words Four

My apologies if I posted this before !

I've been checking the prior posts to make sure nothing accidently stayed at the draft stage due to a technical glitch earlier in the year when I changed browsers.