Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Two Purple adjectives

There are two other lesser known adjectives for purple in Chinese but I couldnt do a complete set so if any one knows the missing words?

Saturday, 26 November 2016


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Sumire saku / kado ya yoru sae / natsukashiki

Violet bloom gate ! night yearning longing sae = clear at least serene ? natsukashiki yearn long for as adjective

Violets blooming serenely by the gate at night I yearn to see 

Or possilbly its late twilight and hes pleased to reach his destination ?

Waga mae ni / dare dare sumi shi / sumire zo mo

I before this time place who who live indeed violets emphatic also still here

Before me  who indeed lived here the violets still remain 

December theme will be Summer and Heat !
With a few Wintery things thrown in for contrast!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Sumire Kanji

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N.B. how the meaning differs in Chinese and Japanese

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Chiyo Horses Violets Haiku

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A simple but elegant haiku is todays addition to the November Purple Theme Series

Kake izuru
Koma mo ashi kagu
Sumire kana

Kake galloping izure older / alternate form of deru 
Koma young horses or ponies mo also ashi legs  kagu a verb scent smell sniff 
Sumire Violets!

Spring time and perhaps Chiyo was walking thru the countryside and past a field of young horses who had come racing through long grasses mixed with flowers and and now are standing near a fence legs covered with scent due to trampling through a patch of violets? 

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Murasaki Prints

#purple #murasaki #japaneseprint #ukiyo-e

Purple is my November Theme so Lady Murasaki!

She is suppose to be at Ishiyama temple viewing the autumn moon though the artist has rendered the hills as Chinese style peaks? However it is an excellent illustration apart from that!
I also love the color balance of rich purple blue sky and strong grays!

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Friday, 18 November 2016

Chiyo and Sumire

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Sumire is the word for Violets and things with similar coloring in Japanese
 and is also a #kigo for #spring

#Chiyo wrote in one Haiku

Ne o tsukete / Onago no yoku ya / Sumire Soo

Word for word

Origin attachments
 young woman of craving !
violet grass / small plant

or is it grass?

Some people translate ne as root root of desire or craving but Chiyo was a devout Buddhist

The Origin of Attachments

A Young Womans desire (for) note Chiyo uses onago not onna !

Violet but violet what

Yes Soo means small plant but why emphasize some thing everyone knew

Soo can also refer to Cursive writing in Kanji or Kana

So I find myself wondering if any paper seller in Chiyos home town was selling purple tinted poem cards or paper slips for letters?

The Origin of Attachments
A Young Woman's craving 
"Violet Writing"  

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Murasaki and Musashino

KKS XVII 867 Anon thougt possibly Narihira ?

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The theme for November is PURPLE and the word Murasaki refers
to both a plant and the color of its blossoms - PURPLE

Murasaki no           plant of
Hito moto yue ni    single /the poet as individual?  stem or origin yue ni reason for being there
Musashino no                  musashi plains  once grasslands now covered by modern Tokyo
Kusa wa minagara    grasses while seeing
Aware to zo miru.     appreciate indeed seeing

I had to expand this for it to be poetic in English

A single plant of murasaki
is the reason for my visit
to Musashi's plains
its plants are worth viewing
yes indeed worth seeing

Where Tokyo is today was once a wide stretch of grasslands low hills and rivers
Very different from the mountains and farmlands around Kyoto's valley.

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SUMIRE 2 haiku by Chiyo

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