Friday, 18 November 2016

Chiyo and Sumire

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Sumire is the word for Violets and things with similar coloring in Japanese
 and is also a #kigo for #spring

#Chiyo wrote in one Haiku

Ne o tsukete / Onago no yoku ya / Sumire Soo

Word for word

Origin attachments
 young woman of craving !
violet grass / small plant

or is it grass?

Some people translate ne as root root of desire or craving but Chiyo was a devout Buddhist

The Origin of Attachments

A Young Womans desire (for) note Chiyo uses onago not onna !

Violet but violet what

Yes Soo means small plant but why emphasize some thing everyone knew

Soo can also refer to Cursive writing in Kanji or Kana

So I find myself wondering if any paper seller in Chiyos home town was selling purple tinted poem cards or paper slips for letters?

The Origin of Attachments
A Young Woman's craving 
"Violet Writing"