Tuesday, 2 August 2016

4 Uguisu Haiku

4 #haiku with #Uguisu #JapaneseBushWarbler as a theme.

I will provide the romaji and my notes and translation for each

Slash / = LINE BREAK


Uguisu ya / Ume ni tomaru / Mukashi kara

Uguisu exclamation plum on/ at perching / ancient times since

Oh the bush warbler perching on plum trees since antiquity !


Uguisu ya / doro ashi nuguu / ume no hana

uguisu ! / dirty feet cleaning / plum blossoms

Oh Uguisu cleaning your dirty feet on the plum blossoms?

Japanese plum blossoms are usually white or sometimes red not pink like Sakura cherry.

Two Women writers


Uguisu no / dochira ka naku zo / mizu no kage

bush warbler of in connection to place / where who singing / water of shadow  !

I presume the last line means the bush warbler was hidden by shadows at the edge of a stream?


Uguisu ni / temoto yasumenu / nagashimoto

ni here means nearby
temoto manual work yasumenu comers from yasumemu rather than yasumeru but the meaning is nearly identical

she hears the bird and stops her work while in the kitchen area nagashimoto of her home

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