Saturday, 22 August 2015

Haiku and Linking Lines

Due to its popularity I'm reposting this with a few minor edits.

Two examples of  #Haiku #micropoetry one by me and one from #chiyo that demonstrate using assonance  to link links and images

I wrote this one this morning. The weather changed last night from unusually warm to more wintry after a night storm.

Now the weather's changed

With Puritan Reverence

The Crows speak of rain.

Crows are black and the English Puritans especially their ministers were noted for wearing black and dark colors and its Sunday in my timezone also I've been reading 17th century English History.

The sound of the crows calling early morning bring things together and the use of w in each line helps the linkage or three ideas sounds and images.

Now here's one from #Chiyo who lived in 18th century Japan.

Koe nakuba / sagi ushinawan / kesa no yuki

literally  voices if not (having)
herons disappear
now time = morning of snow

Chiyo's town of Matto is near Hakusan a mountain with snow fields now used for skiing. This is a winter poem so I'm keeping with the theme for this series of poems. Koe naKuba Kesa yuKi K K K   and the soft contrast of Sagi uSHinawan


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