Friday, 20 July 2012

Shino Story

What does #dwarf #bamboo and #Shino a type of Japanese Glaze and ceramic style have to do with each other?

Read on but first ... a couple of pictures you need to see

Sasa or "dwarf" bamboo

There's this story repeated in several books and articles that Shino was named after a tea master called Shino Soshin and certainly MODE|RN Japanese uses the characters of his name to write SHINO b u u u t I think the word has an older origin in another word with the same pronunciation and I suspect some one thought writing it with two characters looked more "posh"?

Shino as a ceramics and glaze PREDATES Shino Soshin.

One of the favorite design motifs on early Momoyama Shino is a little sketch in iron slip of a plant.

Okay this is probably grass but you get my point?

I think Shino get its name from a design motif

I can see a conversation like this occurring in 17th century Kyoto at a ceramics shop.

NO honorable customer that is karatsu ware this is from Mino the Shino and Oribe ware. See Shino?

It's possible?

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