Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lai and Natural sounds and ...Chinese Oboes?

I was going thru the dictionary researching details for the next blog and found this character.
Intrigued I checked it out on a few more web lexicons and different hanzi kanji dicitonaries.

AFTER I finished the svg / png I worked out that the lexicons that state the LAI was a pipe with three reeds may have typos. I now suspect three reed is a mistyping for FREE REED.

I don't know what the modern equivalent of a LAI pipe is but its something like a woodwind  with a reed insert at the mouthpiece like the OBOE ? 

There is a Laotian instrument called a KHENE and the word used to describe its modes of sound is LAI.

A loan from  Chinese perhaps?

If anoyone has a picture of a LAI or knows what the modern equivalent is please SHARE!?