Saturday, 8 July 2017

Oracle Bone Script

There are many books with the words "50 .... you should know" especially in reference to western art and design. I would love it if I was commissioned to pick and comment on 50 significant Chinese works of art.

So called Oracle Bone Script (the name is modern) objects are the first records of Chinese writing, the ancestors, of Bronze Drum, Bird and Cloud, Small seal, Regular, and other forms of Chinese Kanzi, and hence also of Vietnamese ChuNom, Japanese Kana and Kanji, and Korean Hanja, and the modern simplified forms.

Would you like me to compile some of my posts into such a book? 
I would pick a mixture of Calligraphy, Painting, Architecture, Prints, Ceramics, and Lacquer, and try to pick objects that say something about Chinese culture and its influence on other cultures, Asian and European.

Let me know !