Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Ikutsura WTF? HELP with Bungo Needed!

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I'm stuck! I have gone over this several times and I can't get it to make sense in Japanese or English.

So here's my notes so far

Maybe some one with a better grasp of bungo can help?

The text I had access to gave the romaji and kana and no kanji except for koe - voice.

Ikutsura ka / Yukue mo mie zu / yuugasumi / ne taku mo kari / koe bakari shi

the first line could be iku+tsura and if so means how many of a group in a nearby area

but if its ikutsu+ ra then groups travelling stretched out in a row

Yukue going traveling in one direction  but mie could mean in triple rows or seeing?
and zu can't be a negative suffix here but seems to be an emotive particle /adverb ?

Yuugasumi is easy evening mists !

ne root wish desire + taku  burning / despite burning because of seeing kari - geese
or is it wish (for) home cause geese  is taku a noun or verb .... with no kanji given ...

koe bakari shi voice only shi for extra emphasis of bakari

I'm really stuck on the possible double readings of the kana !

Ideas anyone

How would you read this Rengetsu waka ?

Particularly Ikutsura and ne followed by taku ?!