Saturday, 29 April 2017

Why Wild Geese? The katada print

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Why is Wild Geese at Katada one of the Eight Views of Omi?

Katada was also noted for a shrine called the Ukimodo so why Geese in Flight?

Here are two different print son the Wild geese theme.

MMM both views seem to show wetlands in the foreground?

I googled a map of Katada ... Even today there are two streams flowing into a shallow bay and foreground parklands that could be been wetlands and perhaps still are. 
Perhaps visitors to the Ukimodo also came there to view the geese in flight.
I can easily imagine aristocrats familiar with Chinese poetry saying 
"We have geese in flight too!" 

Most of the views of Omi promoted to parallel the famous ones of Chinese paintings have multiple cultural and historical associations, some rather obscure now, and they also tell us how the Japanese environment has changed over the centuries.

Does anyone know if Geese still visit or breed Lake Biwa?