Saturday, 9 April 2016

FAHUA GARDEN STOOL and Chinese Industrial Design

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You've probably seen one of these or something very similar in any store that sells #Chinese #Ceramics. There are a lot of modern copies of this #Ming #Fahua garden stool. Hundreds. Thousands. BUT That testifies to its success as industrial design.

Once upon a time this was an innovation. Someone had the splendid idea of combining the new turquoise and indigo mid-range glazes with a shape normally used with bamboo or saw an upturned barrel or storage container being used as a stool or maybe they lived in or visited a high rain fall subtropical region and were fed up with the garden furniture  wood or bamboo turning green with mould or drying and splitting? 

Its an easy shape to create and copy on a large scale by hand or mold. 
Its a simple yet elegant contrast of colors.
There's ornament to catch the customers eyes.

Centuries later these are still being made and sold because they are good design.

They may not be porcelain famille verte or wucai Qing court vessels but they are useful surprisingly sturdy and have popular appeal

I also suspect some one was sick of garden furniture in lighter materials being overturned or damaged in storms and having to be dragged in and out of storage.

True there are some modern copies that are obviously mass produced and not the same high quality but this simple design really should be used as a textbook example in design texts, industrial or ceramic!