Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What's Green? A Color Test

When you look at the graphic below which color do you think of? Blue or Green? I was looking at how a green blue slip fired at the #bisque stage and started thinking about green and the problem of deciding when a character translates a blue or green.

Let's take the best known character / word / adjective  as the first example since this seems to be one that any #Asian language #SinoJapanese #SinoKorean #sinoVietnamese or #Sinitic dialect  that uses #hanzi derived characters or has loan words from Chinese  (also known as #kanji or #hanja) uses

Copyright Julie Vaux 2015 

and just to complicate things one site said Blue in Korean is paran and Green chorasaek but only gave the Hangul and the one Korean speaker I know said
green is chorak ?  Thank You "K.." for letting me run a quick response test!

If you choose to comment please mention if you were viewing on a mobile or larger screen in case that makes a difference to color perception especially given my use of a  two color gradient fill as part of the test?