Monday, 16 March 2015

A blue and white mystery!

Cobalt Blue stains or underglaze or slip over a white clay body or white slip is probably one of the most revered innovations created by Chinese artists AND OTHER ASIAN ceramicists.

However its a @##$$%@# to evaluate as an antique cos there's ware created for the Imperial court and export ware to SE Asia and export ware to Europe and then the Europeans started copying it.

The Viets and Koreans and Japanese also fell in love with making it!

OH and to complicate things they all starting copying each other and making replicas of older works or reusing or reviving the same  decorative themes as popular taste swayed back and forth between monochrome and polychrome wares.

Can you spot the difference and the place of origin of these three pieces?

Each one is from a different country and time?

I suspect some of you will identify the first pair of vases but the other two?

Now you want to know where all three are from?

I'll post the answers if I get at least 10 comments likes and shares !