Thursday, 10 April 2014

Brocade Waka Two

Suguwara  no Michizane wrote

Kono tabi

Nusa mo toriaezu


Momiji no nishiki

Kami no mani mani

This poem can be found in the Hyakuninisshu

This person on this journey or at this time tabi has a double meaning
offerings for the moment hopefully sufficient implied
nusa is a staff with strips of paper or silk attached  but can also mean strips of silk or coins
Tamukeyama is a temple at Nara and the name tamuke means (hall of ) offering

maple branch probably of brocade

gods (i am ) at mercy of or the gods may take consequent action or not

this may be indirect criticism of his treatment by the Imperial Court
implying all  he could afford is a maple branch and his fate and career needed the mercy of the gods?

I wish I could be typing Nara as a location tag. Right about now one of those really expensive ryokan with a hot bath would be good for my right arm which is broken.