Thursday, 15 August 2013

Excellent Temple and Wolverine

Zoo Joo Ji Temple in Tokyo features in the latest Wolverine movie along with Hugh Jackman in varying degrees of undress and varying types of action scenes.

Some of you especially if you've been to Tokyo or Sydney may have noticed the blending of Zoojoo Ji with the Chinese Gardens as Hugh fights his way through Yakuza trying to rescue Mariko from her kidnappers.

But what does ZOOjoo  actually mean.

Its one of those frightfully archaic SinoJapanese words that don't appear in standard dictionaries online or offline so I hazared a guess which I run past a Japanese Facebook Friend.

My guess was something like advancement since the two kanji in this name separately read as increase and upwards.

Konii suggested excellence or excellent.

Zoojoo Ji is a Pure Land temple by the way NOT ZEN and certainly does not have a Chinese style garden with a zigzag bridge but we did get to see one of its famous Buddha images and an excellent view of the gate.

The bullet train rooftop fight is superbly choreographed  too.

and now we have the excellence that is Hugh Jackman!

So go and enjoy the movie !