Monday, 28 January 2013


So what's this photo got to do with Hanzi?

copyright julie vaux 2013 

Well its a Hibiscus  and maybe even judging from images I  consulted the East Asian Hibiscus Syriacus sometimes called a Rose of Sharon in English and Mukuge in Japanese.

I think this purple flower may be a modern breeders development though?

The Mukuge is called Mugunghwa or GEUN or KUN in Korean and JIN in modern Chinese.

Perhaps it says something about the variety of colors various types of hibiscus come in that the phonetic part of the character below refers to  yellow loess clay?

copyright julie vaux 2013

There's also a haiku by Basho referring to this plant which apparently horses as well as lovers of herbal teas find tasty.

Michi nobe no mukuge wa uma ni kuware keri.

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