Saturday, 20 October 2012

Chinese Typographic design the stroke problem ... and solution?

Chinese Typographic Design
the Stroke Problem ...
is also the solution.

I've been reading a few recent blogs on chinese typography and thinking about the problems of designing and using a font for such a large character set.

SVG filters may be a solution of short sections of text and titles but ... did I just type SVG?

Calligraphy texts claim most chinese characters can be reduced to variants of 6 - 8 basic strokes.

You may have seen a diagram based on the YUNG character used to illustrate that claim?

Now what if Chinese text entry used a SVG based method of moving and joining a limited set of basic strokes into simple and  complicated characters. 

a Point click and drag with the  mouse or a finger or stylus method that could work on tablets phones or other computers?

Could Scaleable Vector Graphics be the answer?