Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ding Sequence Five

A love of the Archaic

The Chinese have their version of collectors mania the idea any old object is valuable. Realisticly antique bronzes are rusty containers but collectors insist that lovely green oxidation adds to the patina and aura of the antique.

We should remember looking at these that originally they were a far different color! Not GREEN!

One of the favorite subjects for the genre we call still life painting are the scholars treasures often a valued ceramic pot or an image of a table with ink and scrolls and brush rest. This 20th century Chinese painting shows two beloved antique bronzes the round and square forms of the ding.

 Here we have the irony of an semiantique depicting antiques?

Ding however are quite beautiful.

Soon I'll be discussing the jia zun jue and other chinese bronzes.