Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Nuka is NOT Chun

This is a followup to my Kang and Nuka Post.

Nuka often looks like CHUN but it is NOT.

Its more feldspathic than Chun and than there's the rice bran as an ingredient for the silica thing.

Yes I can hear some ceramicist saying but it looks a lot like Chun?

Take a close look. See how it runs in streaks .

Chun tends to be denser and cloudier.

Okay these 2 small bowls have oxide splashes on them but can you see the difference?

Just to complicate things there's another Chinese glaze called Shiwan which fires at lower temperatures like NUKA and I have found you can get similar effects to Shiwan and Nuka firing a speckled pattern created with underglazes in two different colors of blue light and dark under Chun.

To further complicate things  whehter a vessel is wood rather than gas fired can also effect the glaze.

NUKA is Japanese.

Chun originated in Song China.

I hope to firing some Chun vessels later this year After I have resolved problems with course cancellations and changes to pricing at TAFE and problems with finding a day elsewhere if I can get into WAC that does not clash with living an elderly relative in a aged care facility.

More later this year

Ceramics is as much a part of Asian culture as Calligraphy.

Coming soon a series on Ancient Chinese Bronzes.

Do the characters used to write their names tell us anything about them?