Saturday, 21 January 2012

Abbreviations used in this blog Whats SJ mean

Here's a list of some symbols and abbreviatiosn I use in this blog.

You will also see them used elsewhere.

SJ + Sino Japanese the ON reading which I usually give in Upper with the KUN reading in Lower case or following.

SK is SinoKorean SV is SinoVietnamese. Loan words from Chinese into those two languages.
Sometimes Vietnamese also has an other equivalent Austroasiatic word which I give as well.

R = Radical

* is the other kind of radical the form scholars believe is the earlier or oldest form of a word.

I often give them to see how the diversity of forms in dialects and loans into other NON Sinitic languages derive from older forms. You may have noticed in Vietnamese for example that there are SV forms closer to MIN or Cantonese or that Cantonese like the older forms of Chinese has final consonants?