Thursday, 25 August 2011

An "Eternal" Introduction

Before I can discuss Hanzi in any form traditional or modern let's review the basics.

The character Yung / Yong / Ei and other names means "eternal" and more literally in seal script endless flowing waters. By happy accident its modern form incorporates most of the basic strokes used for writing zi!

There's the dot (1) and (2) is a shorter form of the essential horizontal stroke that also means ONE.

In forming this character a change of direction and a twist of the brush extends it into (3) the stick or vertical stroke and then (7) the hook . (4) and (5) along with (8) and (6) combine  variants of the diagonal .

There are also more variants of the dot and slash I'll share with you soon.

Meanwhile whether you're trying to write Characters with a felt tip pen a heavy biro or pen and ink or a brush and ink or brush tip marker look at those arrows in the diagram and follow them as you copy it!

Next time more on YUNG!